Furnaces for melting Zinc ingots, scrap like metallics, dendrites,etc.
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  • Furnace chamber with pump-well to yield continuous metal output through pump.
  • Furnace chamber with fore-hearth for batch metal output through manual plug.
  • Single chamber for batch output through hydraulic tilting.
  • High flow W type inductor forced air cooled coil and fabricated SS cooling jacket.
  • Rectangular chamber for melting variety of Zinc scrap like loose metallics, dendrites, skim, process returns, bulky scrap with higher charge accommodating capacity.
  • Provision of door for rambling the bath and dross removal.
  • Mechanized charging system as optional.
  • Metal movement ensures homogeneity of metal and avoids alloy segregation specifically with leaded brasses.
  • An advanced microprocessor based control to ensure operation at unity power factor.
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